Paris photographer

I am a professional photographer valuing naturalness and emotions. Due to light painting, I see more, feel more intensely and experience deeply.
It is said that instants evanesce in the blink of an eye, however, I rebut such a presumption trying to capture those unique, unexpected and enchanting moments. Photography is my passion and the way of life. I engage in my commissions fully and treat each one of them individually.
There is no banal photography – each photo is unique having its own soul and message. During a photo shoot I’m trying to create nice and relaxing atmosphere that helps to increase naturalness, maintaining discretion and intimacy at the same time.
Currently I live in Paris but I accept all the commisions and orders both from France and Poland. I would love to invite and encourage everyone to benefit from my experience and quaint ideas. I am also highly open to your suggestions and concepts which I will fulfill with passion and enthusiasm.
I am the Winner of the competition Best Wedding Photographer in Paris 2016 and Best Wedding Photographer in Paris 2017 by Expatriates Magazine.

I take advantage of my working experience and knowledge acquired at the numerous photography trainings and workshops conducted by well-known and respected photographers, for example:
* Warsaw University of Photography “Wedding photography”
* Szkoła Obrazu “Individual training: Wedding Photography from A to Z”
* NIKON Certificates
* Individual Workshop: Classic Portraits and act mainly with Gregor Laubsch
* Individual Workshop with Adam Trzcionka
I also had a pleasure to participate in an individual training with one of the best wedding photographers Grzegorz Płaczek.


I pay attention to the quality of my services.
I work with professional NIKON equipment such as full frame cameras Nikon D4 and Nikon D810.


Let me invite you to my world,  the remarkable world of photography.

Polski fotograf Paryż ArtJani – Paris wedding photographer
Fotografia ślubna Paryż, fotografia rodzinna, fotografia reklamowa